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By becoming a member of ACEC-NL you benefit from:

  • A strong and diverse business network in provincial, national and in major international markets;
  • Potential new partners and learn of new business opportunities;
  • Key contact with decision-makers at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels who help influence public policy;
  • Industry documents, studies and reference materials developed specifically for the industry by practicing professionals, including an extensive list of standard agreements, human resource manuals, business and practice management guides, membership directory, all of these at member prices
  • Industry surveys on business trends and human resource issues.

In Addition you will be part of Newfoundland Provincial Voice in the Global Industry. We are:

  • A strong voice representing the business interests of members which acts locally through ACEC-NL, nationally through ACEC-Canada, Association of Canadian Engineering Companies, and internationally through, FIDIC, International Federation of Consulting Engineers;
  • A meeting ground with experienced knowledgeable professionals; and
  • An organization looking out for our future.

Why Join Us?

Provides a forum for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas
ACEC-NL encourages competitive firms to come together to promote our industry and our common issues in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Unifies the voice of the consulting practice in our province and nationally
In client groups and government circles, a collective voice is much louder and more effective than a single voice. Our interests at the federal level are primarily handled by ACEC-Canada our national association. Together we get things done.

Enhances the image of engineers
Awards for special achievement by member firms provides an excellent opportunity for our industry and individual firms to celebrate the significant contribution our industry makes to society, the environment and the economy.

Offers business practice advice, standard agreements and training programs
ACEC-NL has taken the lead in helping bring seminars and workshops on the various aspects of the business of consulting. This practice can engage the young professionals in our firms and help with the sustainability of our industry.

Protects legislative and regulatory interests
ACEC-NL provides an effective voice for our concerns with all levels of government while protecting our anonymity on sensitive issues.

Creates opportunities for business contacts, partnering and marketing
ACEC-NL provides an opportunity to get to know others in the consulting engineering industry better and to develop relationships that might lead to partnering arrangements on future projects.

Promotes selection of consultants on the basis of qualifications
In a very competitive market and ever changing marketing conditions, ACEC-NL is a strong sobering voice for promoting selection of consulting engineers on the basis of qualifications as the best way to encourage innovation and reduce life cycle costs for clients.

Listens to the voice of small firms
ACEC-NL understands that our industry is made up of a large number of smaller firms and is committed to addressing all the issues and providing the same services no matter what the size of the member firm.